Zero harm is one of our core operating beliefs. As we help customers remove people from harm’s way, it is imperative that we lead by example within our facilities throughout the world.

Since our employees are our greatest asset, they are also our greatest responsibility. We believe that every employee should be able to rely on having a safe working environment, so they can return home — without injury — to family and friends every day.

Our drive to zero harm uses many tools:

  • Systemization: our single, global Employee, Health, and Safety (EHS) management system reduces risk and variability world-wide
  • Standardisation: our standard systems, programs, and leadership behaviour ensures that all employees have a standard safety experience, regardless of location
  • Automation: we leverage technology to improve our safety performance
  • Safety leadership: our leadership is focused on predictive safety analysis rather than just post-incident recording
  • Risk management approach: our approach identifies hazards and potential risks so that we can put in place effective controls that keep our people safe and preserve our environment
  • Global sharing: we leverage the benefits of being a global business, drawing on areas of expertise wherever it exists and sharing continuously

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