First name: Ranjeet

Joy Global location: Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, India

Title: Product Support Engineer

Worked for Joy Global since: 2013

How do you help solve tough challenges for customers?

It's about building a strong customer relationship, gaining the faith of the customer in both technical and non-technical operations. Being able to build that faith in both the company and Joy Global people is what makes me most proud.

What do you do as a product support engineer?

As a product support engineer, I deliver effective technical customer support to our rapidly growing customer base, delivering solutions to both technical and non-technical end users while also supporting a wide range of technologies. I also support our team and product support by ensuring the best quality and provide suggestions if any modifications need to be made to ensure high performance of our equipment.

What do you value most about working in engineering?

Since I started working at Joy Global as an engineer, I value the excellent sources of knowledge in our team as well as the great employees and customers I am able to work with. I also like making modifications to products and giving suggestions to the Product Support team based on my acquired knowledge with the customer to enhance the life and quality of our product.

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