Your partner in underground hard rock

Getting the most out of your underground hard rock operations is a priority for you. We offer a line of innovative, forward-thinking hard rock products designed to help you productively and efficiently face the challenges posed by tough mining environments.

The newest of those products are our small-class ZJ21 jumbo drill and ZB21 bolter, and the medium-class ZJ32Bi jumbo drill. Designed on a common platform, these machines offer several key benefits:

  • Simplified maintenance, user training and adoption due to universal controls
  • Enhanced versatility with the ability to convert from a jumbo to a bolter, and vice versa
  • Minimized downtime from damaged hydraulic hoses with reduced and hoseless boom options available on the ZJ32 series

Rounding out the new and redesigned machines in our hard rock lineup are our WX07 and WX04 load-haul-dump (LHD) products, engineered to help you achieve productivity and profitability in your ore-hauling operations.

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ZB21 — bolting for hard rock mining reimagined

The ZB21 bolter is a small-class underground hard rock bolting rig with a common platform that can be modified to become a jumbo driller for operational agility. Complete the bolting cycle from the operator enclosure and reduce human interaction with screens and bolts. Enhance productivity with reduced bolting cycle times using our integrated screen handler and a chemical injection system designed for resin, grout or cement cartridges.

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ZJ21 — a small-class jumbo that's more than meets the eye

We took a fresh approach when we created this small-class jumbo by starting with a common-carrier design that lets you convert your machine from a jumbo to a bolter, and vice versa. The boom design helps promote zero contact with the operator's station or the carrier or leveling jacks, and delivers up to 66 square meters of face coverage, making it easier for your operator to perform vital tasks.

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ZJ32Bi — a new hoseless approach to development drilling

Engineered to address the issue of downtime due to hose damage, the ZJ32Bi features a game-changing design with options for reduced hoses (six per boom) or completely hoseless booms. An advanced computer control system offers semiautonomous functionality with built-in operator augmentation features when in manual drilling mode. And the quality of Komatsu Montabert drifters coupled with drill feed technology rounds out the drilling end of the machine. Also available in a diesel model (ZJ32i) with reduced or hoseless boom options.


WX07 — designed from the ground up for hard rock performance

Designed to help you drive productivity with exceptional performance, the new WX07 was developed from the ground up to meet the challenges posed by tough mining environments. This 7-tonne workhorse has a whole new chassis, Z-link kinematics, and powertrain, but it’s really the ergonomic operator cabin and ground-level maintenance design that set this LHD apart. This machine was created specifically for small and narrow vein mines, particularly operations using cut-and-fill methods.

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WX04 — an enhanced legendary mineral-moving workhorse

Based on the Joy 4LD legacy, the redesigned WX04 is ideal for narrow vein applications needing a 4-tonne machine. The WX04's high-strength steel frame design with a heavy-duty, all-mechanical powertrain is designed to help you hit your production targets while controlling your costs. With a larger 190-liter fuel tank, you'll be able to have a longer operational range with less refueling. Plus, its standout breakout force means the WX04 can fill the bucket quickly for faster cycle times.

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