Adaptive Controls technology highlights:

  • Smart control and application of power
  • Improves shovel production without sacrificing life
  • Reduces boom jacking
  • Retrofit upgrades for P&H 4100XPB/C series shovels with updated Centurion 5 control system
  • Standard on P&H 4800XPC shovel


The P&H Adaptive Controls (patent pending) are a series of control functions that optimize shovel power usage in different phases of the dig cycle. Their purpose is to improve shovel performance while lessening the effect of operating impacts on the machine. Field trials have shown almost double digit productivity increases while reducing boom jacking by an average of 57%. The decreased damage to equipment reduces repair and maintenance time, while lowering employee exposure to safety risks. 

The technology includes the following control functions:

  • Smart crowd:
    • Improves bank penetration
    • Improves operator efficiency
    • Reduces boom jacking
  • Opti-toe:
    • Improves cutting force and productivity
    • "Rewards" operator for digging close
  • Smart retract:
    • Smoother disengagement from the bank
    • Reduces structural loading
  • Active load compensation:
    • Optimizes machines torques and speeds
    • Active when RSL is exceeded
  • Extended reach:
    • Improves dump reach