Wethead highlights:

  • Cooling and wetting system
  • Reduces potential for frictional ignitions


The Joy Wethead cutterhead for continuous miners is both a cooling and a wetting system that incorporates a fine water spray behind each cutting bit on the cutter drums. The water spray cools the cutting face to reduce the potential for frictional ignitions. The spray also acts an agent to wet suspended dust, reducing respirable dust levels and increasing visibility. In addition, the spray provides lubrication to the cutterhead, substantially improving bit life.

The Wethead system is only available for sale in the United States and the Republic of South Africa. 

The Wethead system features the following:

  • Dedicated in-line filtration for fewer blocked spray nozzles
  • Less water consumption than standard dust spraying systems (114 lpm / 30 gpm)
  • Dry running capability if water sources are temporarily unavailable