OptiDrive integrated drive transmission highlights:

  • Available on all Joy continuous miners, haulage systems, loaders, and longwall system equipment
  • Optimizes speed control to significantly increase operator control of machine movement
  • Designed for the arduous conditions found in underground mining applications
  • Approved for use in all underground mining applications


Joy OptiDrive, an AC variable-frequency drive system, integrates software with the electronic and mechanical systems to provide the following features:

  • Increased tram speed: significantly increases the tractive effort available, improving the equipment’s ability to climb gradients and negotiate difficult roadway conditions
  • Regenerative braking: supplements the mechanical brakes, allowing them to run cooler with extended wear life; regenerative braking is highly effective at automatically maintaining constant speeds when descending gradients
  • Better speed control: provides infinitely variable tram speed capability, allowing precise control of the equipment’s speed; smooth acceleration and deceleration leads to less operator fatigue and the ability to creep the machine forward slowly and prevent potential damage from inadvertent machine contact
  • Less maintenance: no commutator brushes to inspect and replace mean AC traction motors are typically more reliable, more durable, and require less maintenance than DC traction motors

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