You can rely on us to help you with your spare parts inventory management. Not only do we know every aspect of our equipment intimately, we also have parts ordering history from worldwide customers in all mining conditions. This allows us to know exactly what types of replacement or consumable parts are frequently needed and in what quantities.

Our service teams can reconcile your recommended spare parts list with your current inventory, provide lead times for custom or long-lead time parts, and help create custom strategies for your maintenance organization. We are not just a parts supplier; instead, we are a partner that helps you troubleshoot your inventory programs and identify areas where you can save time and money. In addition, we help you identify your “critical spares”, allowing you to balance your parts budget while still ensuring that you have parts in place for unplanned breakdowns.

Proper asset management using a customized inventory plan means that you will have the parts you need - in stock when you need them - resulting in minimum downtime and reduced loss of productivity.