Mine air systems (MAS)

MAS rear window AC system

  • Provides air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization
  • Specifically designed for haul truck applications
  • Rear window mounted
  • Can be used as supplemental A/C system or to replace OEM A/C system
  • MERV 8 rated in-cab filter
  • Stainless steel construction

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Our Mine Air Systems (MAS) climate control units provide air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization comforts for the operator cab.

The rear window A/C system is a window-mounted unit designed specifically for haul truck applications. This system incorporates a 24V DC compressor that eliminates the need for:

  • Engine-mounted compressor
  • Drive belts
  • Pulleys
  • Guarding
  • Refrigerant lines


This design reduces maintenance and operating costs, because:

  • Compressor shaft seals that wear out and cause refrigerant leakage are eliminated
  • Long refrigerant lines that complicate machine layout, require additional refrigerant, and are prone to leaks are eliminated

The system is comprised of two main units, both powered by 24V DC

  • Roof-mounted remote compressor / condenser (RCC)
  • Rear window-mounted evaporator (REWU) 
The modular design with cannon plugs and quick-connect fittings allows easy service exchange.