Joy, UFB-38, Feeder Breaker

Feeder breakers

Joy UFB-38

  • Designed for seam heights greater than 1,900 mm (75 in.)
  • Ideal for hard rock applications
  • Throughput up to 600 tonnes (660 tons) per hour
  • 6” chain size
  • Pick force up to 200,000 lbs. 

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Joy feeder-breakers provide a highly reliable, productive means for continuous feeding and breaking of most bedded, mined material – including wet, dry, sticky or a combination thereof – in a broad range of configurations for both surface and underground applications. The feeder-breaker is the connection between the mining system and material handling system, allowing both systems to operate a maximum efficiency and productivity. The UFB-38 feeder-breaker, designed for seam heights greater than 1,900 mm (75 in.), cuts your operating costs and increases your mine production by allowing your mining, haulage, and conveying systems to work at their most efficient rates. The UFB-38 provides a highly mobile crushing solution to maximize your haulage productivity. Since the UFB-38 is located closer to the working face, haulage distances and travel times are kept to a minimum.

Designed for increased mine efficiency

  • Surge capacity allows haulage equipment to discharge mined material at its maximum rate
  • Material throughput is fully variable up to 600 tonnes (660 tons) per hour
  • Powerful rotary pick breaker, capable of fracturing material using up to 220 MPa (32,000 PSI) unconfined compressive strength, reduces mined material to a consistent, easily handled size
  • Interfaces with haulage vehicles to accept discharge rates and meters sized material onto the conveyor belt up at an acceptable rate
  • Highly mobile crushing solution that maximizes haulage productivity by keeping haulage distances to a minimum

Designed for durability

  • All-welded frame construction means low maintenance and long working life
  • Hard-surfaced chromium carbide deck overlay ensures long deck life
  • Alloy steel flights and shafting allow smaller sized components while still providing superb tensile strength
  • Breaker picks and pick force, designed for your requirements, handle tough material mixtures
  • High-strength conveyor chain, with hardened pins and bushings, delivers long life, low maintenance, and superior dependability

Designed for maximum mobility and performance

  • Crawler mounting utilizing robust industry proven designs
    • Designed to maximize tractive effort for ease and speed of relocation
    • Maximum pad widths to ensure excellent flotation in all tram conditions
  • The breaker drives are electro-mechanical, direct-drive utilizing robust geared drives for maximum performance, reliability and availability.
  • Skid mounted option for customer specific requirements

Designed for easy maintenance

  • Strategically located controls provides for customer friendly maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Component designs rated for tough applications and provide ease of replacement, repair and troubleshooting

Designed for your mining application

  • Intake ends, custom designed to meet your haulage vehicle capacity and clearance requirements allow maximum haulage efficiency and utilization
  • Hydraulic conveyors standard on this model due to extremely hard breaking applications

Designed for operator safety

  • Fire suppression
  • On-board control valves
  • Panic strip
  • Tram enable switches
  • Pull cords
  • Remote tram controls (radio and umbilical)
  • Rapid belt advance systems
  • Proximity system ready