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Joy Take-ups

  • Designed to provide a smooth conveyor start, regardless of loading conditions
  • Designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions

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Improper tensions, either high or low, can severely damage the belt and other key components of your conveyor system.  Komatsu offers a comprehensive range of take-up options, including winches that are designed for your specific application.

Winch options

Constant tension winch

Our constant tension winch provides a revolutionary alternative to traditional take-up designs that use sheaves and hydraulic power systems. The Joy electric constant tension winch is capable of providing belt tensioning requirements on lengthy, high-tension applications.

The design allows you to monitor belt tensions and provides the ability to apply variable rope pull to the take-up carriage or belt storage unit. The winch is “smart” and can adjust to dynamic load conditions found in many complicated systems. It also allows the motor to reach full torque at zero speed. These features help maintain proper belt tensions regardless of load conditions and belt speed.

Pony winch

Our Pony winch is a compact version of our constant tension winch. Pony winches allow digital control and are designed to maintain belt tension at a constant level. The Pony winches are available in 30, 40, and 50 low power configurations and are ideal for systems that do not require extremely high take-up tensions. The standard configuration includes a non-grooved drum, gearbox, electric motor, electric brake, encoder, and controller. The drum can be grooved, as an option.

Pony winches provide self-control capabilities and easy-to-use screen-based data feedback.

Gravity Take Up

Gravity take-ups utilise a counter-weight to achieve proper belt tension. This type of take-up offers an economical, simple and predictable option for taking slack out of the belt and is a suitable option for many belt conveyor applications. Bespoke designs are available for your specific application.