Joy Stageloaders and Mobile Tail Pieces

Longwall systems

Joy Stageloaders and Mobile Tail Pieces

  • Handles tonnage up to 6,000 TPH
  • Conveyor length up to 70 m
  • Total installed power up to 700 kW
  • Conventional chain options of 26, 30, 34, and 38 mm
  • Linepan width up to 1,550 mm

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Joy high-capacity stageloaders include an extensive range of features that make them ideal for all longwall mining applications. The stageloaders move continuously with other longwall equipment to provide the necessary overlap to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Joy stageloaders include the following components:

  • Drives, systems, and frames
    • Drives
    • Transmissions
    • Sprockets
    • Chain
    • Side pans
  • Crusher
  • Mobile tail pieces


The Joy range of stageloader crushers, designed for extremely difficult conditions, efficiently crush lump coal and oversize rock for easier conveying and improved system productivity. Pick-shaft style and high-inertia impact-style crusher versions are available.

The crushers are designed for ruggedness and easy maintenance:

  • Very rugged design, designed for minimum maintenance
  • Built on a frame of heavy steel plate, incorporating heavy ribs for maximum rigidity
  • Easy access to the crusher roll through an inspection door at the top of the frame
  • Fast and simple product size adjustments through roll shaft assembly movements

Multiple options are available:

  • Complete range of stageloader crushers
  • Direct gear-drive or V-belt drive versions
  • Models that allow the top of the frame to be removed to lower the transportation height

Mobile tail pieces

Joy mobile tail pieces provide the transition from the stageloader to the mine’s fixed conveyor system. A complete range of tail pieces for low-, medium-, or high-seam mining applications are available. In addition, “Matilda-style” or self-propelled crawler and skid-mounted versions are available.

The self-propelled crawler units include heavy-duty replaceable pads and are internal planetary gear driven. Two versions are available:

  • Driven directly from the shield support hydraulic system
  • Driven from the on-board hydraulic pump

Roof jacks, belt wipers, and levelling jacks located on each corner are standard.