Idlers and Return Rolls - Pin Lock_RED2

Joy Idlers and Return Rolls

  • Counter bored, high quality ERW tube
  • Turned down and drilled bright bar shaft
  • Outer dust seal
  • Each roll is greased with either water or fire resistant grease depending on the application

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Joy rollers are designed and manufactured with high quality ERW tube, bright bar shafts, a choice of fire or water resistant seal arrangements and quality bearings.  All rollers are designed and manufactured based on the “sealed-for-life” principle.

Our rollers are backed by decades of engineering expertise, combined with our proven track record for manufacturing high quality roller products.  We are positioned to handle the needs of our customers with a high standard of product quality and service.

We utilize the most up-to-date computer software available during the design process to check for potential bearing misalignment and spindle deflection. 

We also utilize the most modern manufacturing equipment and processes.  Quality checks and inspections are performed in a fully automated system throughout the manufacturing process.  All rollers are marked with a unique serial number and the date of manufacture for better data recording.  The entire process is designed to maintain product quality and a high level of service.

Ball Bearing

All rollers are designed and manufactured based on the “sealed-for-life” principle with a fixed and floating arrangement.  All roller shells are of a welded construction.  Seals are greased and fitted after the welding operation.

Multi-lip Seal

Our multi-lip seal arrangement provides a bearer to contaminants reaching the bearing.

Life Master

Premium product providing increased sealing arrangement protection for the bearing.

S Rim

Optimised design ensuring each component of the roll is matched to the bearing life under nominal loading conditions for a 50,000 hour life.

Non-Contact Labyrinth Seal

The labyrinth seals have three radially arranged labyrinth stages that form narrow gaps to the grooves in the housing walls.  The sealing effect is enhanced by filling the seal cavities with grease.

Polyurethane Roller

Plastic and glass composite roller providing increased life and lightweight construction.

Aluminium Roller

Benefits include lightweight design, reduced noise emissions and operating friction.  Aluminum rollers are suitable for use in urban areas, but are not permitted in underground use.