Joy CB-8R

  • Boom coverage for 3m (10ft) wide tunnel x 4.2m (14ft) high
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Electrical powered for tramming and drilling
  • Hydraulics featuring variable displacement piston pumps
  • TSRU rotary drifter (two-speed)  for industrial minerals

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The CB-8R hydraulic bolter drill, a single-boom hydraulic rig, is designed for drilling vertical and angled holes for bolting in underground production or development headings. The CB-8R features a side shift which allows the bolter to do a maximum drilling pattern of 1.2m (4ft).

The CB-8R includes the following features: 

  • Improved operator's stand and compartment
  • Improved guarding around operator
  • Larger opening to operator's compartment
  • Increased bolt rack capacity
  • New two-speed drill
  • Hydraulic centralizer for drilling extended holes
  • Expandable pins and bushing to reduce maintenance
  • Drill guard
  • Dust collector
  • Auto shutdown
  • Cable reel for 106m (350ft) of trailing cable

The CB-8R also includes robust drilling and carrier hydraulics that feature variable displacement piston pumps, specifically:

  • Jumbo hydraulics: for drill rotation, feed, and boom movements
  • General hydraulics: circuit design for optimal efficiency of steering and  brakes

TSRU (Two-Speed Rotation Unit)

Technical Data Wet Dry
Overall length mm 400 415
Weight kg 68 70
Rotation speed range rpm 240-750 240-750
Oil supply Lt/min 40 40
Normal drilling speed rpm 550 550
Normal bolt tightening speed rpm 240 240
Peak output torque (1) @ 22.5 MPa Nm 537 537
Output torque (dynamic) (1) @ 19.0 MPa Nm 456 456
Output torque (dynamic) (1) @ 14.0 MPa Nm 337 337
Starting torque (static) (1) @ 19.0 MPa Nm 342 342
Nominal water flow Lt/min 25 --
Water pressure range kPa 700-1200 --
Nominal air flow Lt/sec -- 20
Nominal vacuum kPa V -- 55

TSRU Rotary drill

  • Robust bearings for high feed side loads
  • Compatible with existing feeds
  • Maximum overhaul intervals
  • Low surface speed for dynamic seals
  • Automatic switching between high speed and high torque
  • Non-handed design (one unit for all applications)
  • 20% increase in drilling speed
  • 25% increase in torque (above HDR40)
  • 33% less installed hydraulic power
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Reliability
  • Faster drilling speeds
  • Lowest tool consumption
  • Easiest to operate
  • Highest penetration rates
  • Lowest noise level

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