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Hydraulic roof bolters


  • Four models available, with single-pass roof bolt lengths ranging from 1.9 to 3.4 meters
  • Suitable for wet or dry drilling
  • Increased feed thrust for faster drilling in large holes or difficult roof conditions
  • Integrated auto-cycle
  • Two-speed control
  • Chrome cylinder feed mechanism eliminates wear

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The AFX roofbolter, designed to be a key component in automated roofbolting systems, is a heavy-duty, low-maintenance drill feed with increased feed thrust for faster drilling in large holes or difficult roof conditions. Four models are available with a full range of retracted and extended lengths to meet virtually all roofbolting needs.

Designed for reliability

  • Hardened, corrosion-resistant slide tube rod structure
  • Sealed, automatically lubricated skid blocks to eliminate wear to the hardened chrome slide bars 
190 210 280 310
Retracted length 1,533 mm 1,645 mm 1,900 mm 2,145 mm
Extended length 2,425 mm 2,445 mm 3,338 mm 3,645 mm
Chain travel 1,042 mm 1,152 mm 1,500 mm 1,650 mm
Total travel 1,934 mm 2,152 mm 2,848 mm 3,150 mm
Approximate mass 585 kg 655 kg 720 kg 790 kg

Integrated control module

The integrated control module (ICM 2 or ICM3) controls all drilling and positioning functions and includes the following features:

  • Auto-cycle
  • Two-speed control
  • Auto-feed / auto-retract
  • Increased safety with two-handed operation during bolting operations
  • Water monitoring (ICM 3 module only)

Two-speed rotation unit (TSRU)

  • Two-speed motor, requiring less oil
  • Wet and dry drilling options
  • Slow speed for safe operator interface
  • High-speed drill rig
  • 240-750 rpm speed range
  • 40 lt/min oil supply
  • 500 Nm peak output torque