As part of the Eurasia charity events held for International Women’s Day 2016, two employees decided to take their fundraising one step further.

The Brick Project is a local charity supporting people from the streets to independent living. They have workers who meet with those living on the streets regularly to check on their well-being and to ensure that when they are ready, they are supported. Their work also includes:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Hospital to House
  • Health Liaison
  • Foodbank
  • Street Outreach
  • Tenancy Support

On Friday 11th March, Kim Owen and Rebecca Crossley from the Wigan office in the United Kingdom took part in the 4th annual Brick Project Street Sleep. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the plight of people living on the streets and also gain extra funds for the centre’s services.

Along with over 100 other volunteers, Kim and Rebecca spent a night on the streets of Wigan, experiencing the tough conditions facing homeless people on a daily basis. Armed with just a sleeping bag, the pair spent a very cold night raising awareness of what it is like to be street homeless, something which neither of them had fully appreciated before.

Kim and Rebecca would like to take this opportunity to thank their colleagues for their generous support, allowing them to raise significant funds for a good cause, enabling the Brick Project to continue supporting vulnerable people who are struggling to find accommodation.

street sleep2