Employees from facilities throughout the UK were proud to participate in the 3rd Annual Scarborough Engineering Week October 13-15. The event welcomed over 3,000 young people ages 4-19 years and showcased some of the most prominent local and regional business, who rely on engineering to be successful. Employees who staffed our booth had the opportunity to raise awareness about the mining industry and promote our company, products and engineering careers at our company.

Event organizers shared, “empowering young people to take control of their future in an ever changing world is essential for successful futures, especially as they progress to careers which do not yet exist, use technology not yet invented and solve problems we do not even yet know are problems. This is at the heart of Scarborough Engineering Week.”

We are dedicated to promoting and interest in careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through a wide variety of outreach initiatives in the global communities in which we operate. Inspiring today’s youth to pursue an education and STEM focused career helps build an innovative and creative workforce for tomorrow who will also be dedicated to solving mining’s toughest challenges.