Building it from the ground up and taking care with every step of the process. Ensuring resource efficiency from end-to-end. Whether it’s inspecting a weld, cutting with precision or ensuring the right resources are in the right places at the right time, you know that what you’re doing has a direct impact on the reputation and performance of the product.


Our company manufactures and repairs some of the largest, most impressive machines on the planet: huge, technically complex, heavy-duty. You’re looking for hands-on, challenging work in facilities with state-of-the art equipment and lean practices. From welding and machining to programming, planning or global leadership, a career in operations offers you a wide range of opportunities to perfect your craft or accelerate your career.


For over 130 years, our products have been known for their exceptional, industry-leading quality; a feat only accomplished by measurable excellence throughout all of our processes. As part of our quality team you enjoy taking a holistic view of the entire organization. You create and enforce standards and consistency that not only meet customer requirements, but maintain our leading edge in the marketplace.

Supply chain

Managing the resources that make exceeding customer expectations possible is the core of what you do. Maximizing cost savings and operational efficiencies requires innovation, synchronization, and seamless execution. To make this possible, our supply chain team is embedded throughout our operations, making sure every customer has the right materials at the right time.


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