We believe in the important link between practical experience and academic success in unlocking people’s full potential – and we want to harness your full potential to help us solve mining’s toughest challenges.

Many of our global locations offer a range of opportunities designed to support your academic development while allowing you the chance to explore and develop your career. Student opportunities vary by location; be sure to search for opportunities in your area.

Work experience/co-op opportunities for secondary/high school

Work experience and co-op opportunities are aimed at introducing students to the practical day-to-day operations of a business and assisting individuals to chart and plan their academic and career pathway. You will spend a short period of time within an area of our business and will gain an invaluable insight into the relationship between study and work.

Internships for post-secondary/undergraduate students

Academic learning and practical experience are a powerful combination and we understand that exposure to one will have a positive impact on the other. We have been hosting short term, long term, part-time and full-time internships for decades to provide students with meaningful opportunities that merge theory with real life.

Internships are typically for students who have started their post-secondary studies within a specific area and are seeking the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of their career path. Through Internships, you get to experience the teamwork, processes, technology and corporate culture you can apply to your studies as well as your performance as a future employee. Depending on your degree program you could be involved in a variety of significant projects in areas such as engineering, production, supply chain, sales, marketing, product management, technical support, human resources, finance and IT. Many of our interns go on to become full time employees, continuing to grow and apply the practical experience learned on the job.

Continuous education

Some full-time employees choose to pursue additional educational opportunities including undergraduate and graduate degrees or professional certifications. Combining formal learning with hands-on work experiences not only gives you the opportunity for immediate, practical application, but also brings new ideas and value to the organization. We believe in lifelong learning and in many locations offer educational reimbursement programs to help offset the costs.


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