We approached an existing customer about engaging in a six month trial period where the two would partner through the company’s Smart Solutions offering to improve machine reliability and avoid catastrophic failures on major components.

Solution design 

Smart Solutions product specialists quickly identified areas of focus that would be prioritized to achieve improved reliability: 

  • Major Equipment: motors, transmissions, gearing, bearings
  • Lubrication
  • Air Supply

On a daily basis, Smart Solutions product specialists would intercept any model detections and then report out with a recommended course of action, giving it a priority rating depending on the component type and severity of the detection.

With a system in place, the necessary change in culture was the final hurdle. Early on, an incidence was caused by not following recommended steps after detection of imminent failure, and resulted in 38 hours of downtime. Following that incident, team engagement and commitment rose, allowing greater successes to be achieved through the partnership.


Toward the end of the six-month trial period, the combined machine availabilities hit target eight weeks in a row. And, no major equipment failed during the six-month period.

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