Available on the P&H 77XR and 320XPC

Drill Tele-Remote Operation provides flexibility for increased visibility and control from outside the drill cab. This is especially well suited for times when the drill needs to operate in a more challenging environment, or the operator needs the ability to see things he or she might not see from the cab.

The tele-remote control provides more range and more features than other remotes, which means an operator can work from a comfortable space, such as in a truck. It leverages the same control and response as if operating from the cab, enabling productivity from a distance.

All drill control functions are available through the console, including our advanced technology features:

  • Remote navigation and operation
  • High precision GPS
  • Geofencing
  • Integrated camera system
  • Auto level and auto drill
  • Physical lockout key
  • 500 ms communications watchdog

Offers advanced technology features

  • High precision GPS: Two global positioning sensors in fixed locations on the drill define the drill’s location and orientation with accuracy down to 1 centimeter. A moving image on the operator display helps in accurately locating the target position for the hole.
  • Geofencing: Your mine can define the boundaries of drill operation by uploading GPS coordinates to create a geofence around the work area. Operation is automatically stopped if the drill attempts to move outside this boundary.
  • Advanced auto drill: Maintain optimal depth-of-cut with rotary speed and feed rate adjustment. Advanced exception handling enables operators to compensate and adjust to situations that impact overall cycle time performance spontaneously, keeping the bit engaged. This can include reacting to hole collapse, drill chip blockage in between the string and wall, or adjustments to handle potentially adverse vibration conditions and user feedback to avoid over-drilling.