Adaptive Controls 2 highlights:

  • Improves shovel productivity and dig performance through optimized control and power application
  • Increases digging power without sacrificing mechanical components
  • Reduces boom jacking and other loads from impact and operator error
  • Decreases operator fatigue from machine shock and rocking motion

Optimize shovel productivity and performance without sacrificing life

Adaptive Controls 2 is a suite of integrated control functions that help optimize shovel production while lessening the effects of impacts on the machine. By augmenting operator control, both the cycle time and dipper fill factor are increased to improve production by up to 9% and reduce boom jacking by up to 50%. Decreased damage to equipment reduces repair and maintenance time, while lowering employee exposure to safety risks. Adaptive Controls 2 resides in the shovel technology panel but works independently of other installed options.

The Adaptive Controls 2 suite includes the following functions:

  • Smart Crowd
    • Improves bank penetration
    • Improves operator efficiency
    • Reduces boom jacking
    • Limits rearward tipping moment
  • Opti-Toe
    • Improves cutting force and productivity
    • Encourages operator to dig close to the bank
    • Limits forward tipping moment
  • Smart Retract
    • Smooths disengagement from the bank
    • Reduces structural loading
  • Active Load Compensation
    • Optimizes torques and speeds during swing
    • Improves operator and truck safety
    • Active with highly loaded dippers

Standard on all 4800XPC shovels and available as an upgrade on all 4100XPB/C series shovels with an updated Centurion control system. A system audit will be conducted on any field shovel receiving this as a retrofit to verify compatibility.

If Adaptive Controls 2 increases your hourly production by just 5%, what would that do for your cost-per-ton or revenue stream?

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