Centurion electrical control system highlights:

  • 10-15% improvement in haulage load time
  • 10-15% improvement in dig rate
  • 10% average increase in motor speed across all motions
  • 1.5 to 3 seconds reduction in average cycle time
  • 1-3% increase in electrical availability
  • 70% reduction in circuit board support parts
  • 1-3 year payback on investment

The above results are based on comparative data when converting an analogue Electrotorque series shovel to a Centurion electrical control system. Actual results may vary based on application-based variables.

Supercharged productivity

Your mine operation thrives on efficiency. Therefore, the performance of your electric shovel is especially critical.

The Centurion electrical control system upgrade can supercharge your analogue shovel, taking several seconds off each dig cycle and increasing your units moved per hour. The design maximizes performance, but not at the expense of the structural design life, assuring the lowest cost-per-ton when compared to competitive drive systems.

Centurion improves performance with extended speed ranges in the hoist and crowd motions. While motions still have low-speed torque, they now have higher speeds in each direction. Hoist speeds are dramatically increased, while still maintaining high levels of bail pull through the bank. Crowd speeds are increased as well and are matched to the hoist during the dig cycle; the operator no longer has to wait for the crowd to catch up to the hoist, allowing the operator to get through the bank, position over the truck, and return to the tuck position faster than before.

Propel transfer times are reduced to approximately three seconds, increasing shovel mobility. The brake set-and-release verification and drive system verification help reduce damage to the equipment.

Increased reliability

Performance gains do not impact reliability. In fact, Centurion offers greater reliability than other drive and control systems since the additional speeds are designed to fit well within the structural limits of the equipment.

If there are problems, Centurion offers a wealth of diagnostic information. Maintenance crews and technicians can use the on-board touch screen computer to access multiple levels of diagnostic information in the drives and controller.

Robust standard features

The Centurion system includes the following standard features:

  • DC digital drive: replaces obsolete analog drive system with digital drives
  • Extended speed range: increased motor speed as compared to analog system
  • Dynamic field weakening: dynamic variable speed and torque
  • Advanced control loop safeguard with load calculator: improves control of a fully loaded dipper throughout the load cycle
  • OPC-compliant user interface: provides improved data extraction
  • Test modes with motivator mode: reduces troubleshooting time and set-up time to motivate shovel
  • Automatic boom soft setdown: reduces structural damage to pennant lines and boom during stage 2 boom jacking
  • Opti-Dig: prevents unproductive stalling in the bank, reducing motor thermal overload
  • Soft line detection: monitors drive power, optimizing controls during soft line detection
  • RPC bank rotation: rotates RPC banks, reducing the thermal loading on any one RPC bank
  • Cycle state engine: measures and reports cycle time in real time (Dig T, Swing T, Tuck T)
  • Remote hoist pennant: allows remote operation of hoist drum during rope changes, with improved control and line of sight

Additional options available

The Centurion system also has numerous options available:

  • Payload system with cycle state engine: reports the dipper and haulage payload with the cycle time for optimized loading
  • Universal dispatch: shares data between dispatch system and shovel control system for optimized loading
  • Motor upgrades: upgrades available for increased thermal capabilities
  • Advanced power monitoring: provides power monitoring information in the GUI screen and transfers the data to the PreVail Remote Health Management system
  • RPC advanced diagnostics: diagnostic testing system for troubleshooting and optimizing the RPC system
  • Remote health monitoring: the PreVail remote health management system optimizes monitoring reliability and productivity of your shovel fleet
  • ARC flash detection: incorporates ARC flash protection to electrical cabinets
  • Vibration monitoring: provides online vibration monitoring integrated with the PreVail remote health management system
  • Track Shield: provides dipper-to-crawler collision detection and avoidance to reduce the frequency and severity of impacts
  • TripRite: dripper trip system with brushless DC motor that optimizes control trips door every time