A key factor affecting your dragline productivity is the expertise of your operation and maintenance personnel. We offer extensive dragline training to improve the skills of your dragline operators and maintenance technicians.   

Operator training

New operator training covers the basic functional controls of the machine, as well as the core operational tasks: walking, setup to dig, digging cycle, and digging sequence. In addition, we provide training for all types of modes, including highwall cutting, overhand digging, and efficient spoiling. Finally, we can provide refresher training for veteran operators to hone skills and develop best practices.

Maintenance training

We also offer P&H equipment maintenance training for both mechanical and electrical maintenance technicians.

  • For electricians:
    • Our dragline overview class reviews the basic electrical system, the drive system (AC or DC), and the dragline control system
    • Our digital drive system class focuses on variable speed motor control, closed loop systems, and failure analysis
    • Our dragline control system class focuses on process control and failure analysis
  • For mechanics:
    • Our basic dragline mechanical maintenance class reviews the components and theory of operation of the major mechanical systems
    • Our dragline mechanical system class reviews the operation and maintenance of various dragline mechanical systems