Our machine assembly services encompass machine relocation as well as machine resale services.

Machine re-location services

We work with you to develop a machine re-location and re-assembly plan tailored to your needs, based on the unique environments at both the current and new sites. Our re-location services include the following:

  • Machine decommissioning and disassembly (if required)
  • Removal from the original location
  • Transportation to the new site
  • Machine re-assembly (if required)
  • Machine re-commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance training

Machine re-sale services

When your mining operations are complete, we can help you with the re-sale and re-location of your used equipment. Through our extensive industry contacts, we are often able to find potential purchasers for your no-longer-needed equipment at prevailing market prices. We can then assist you with the decommissioning process as well as the re-location to the new owner.