Mine air systems (MAS)

MAS no-idle system

  • Allows operation of cab heating and air-conditioning systems even when diesel engine is not running
  • Reduces carbon footprint enabling mines to meet environmental target

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The Mine Air System No-Idle System allows the operation of cab heating and air-conditioning systems even when the diesel engine is not running. This allows the engine to be turned off during non-productive times, such as shift changes, lunch breaks and wait times, while still maintaining a comfortable environment for the operator in the cab. Key benefits include significant fuel savings, reduced engine operating hours, and reduced carbon footprint.

The no-idle system is coupled with the existing HVAC controls in the cab or can be supplied with standalone Mine Air Systems units to provide climate control within the cab.

The auxiliary battery pack is the heart of the no-idle system, providing the 24V power necessary to operate the Mine Air units, diesel-fired heater, control systems, and blower fans inside the cab. The battery pack consists of four 12 VDC/200Ah Absorbent Glass Material (AGM) batteries wired in series-parallel to achieve a 24 VDC/400Ah power supply system. They are recharged via the OEM equipment alternator when the engine is running.

The diesel-fired heater is available in a wide range of BTU ratings from 50,000 BTU to 125,000 BTU, dependent on application. It is set up to provide heat to the engine, as well as the cab, during no-idle periods – protecting both the engine and the cab.