Mobile bolters

Joy Quadbolter

  • Ideal for mid- to high-seam applications
  • 2.4 to 5.0 m operating range
  • Simultaneous four-bolt installation using two operators

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The Quadbolter is a twin-boom four-mast mobile bolter with a wide range of boom movement. The Quadbolter can install four roof bolts simultaneously using two operators. In addition, the outer roof bolters can be rotated over to provide rib bolting, resulting in two roof and two rib bolts at the same time.

The Quadbolter is designed for minimal maintenance, using direct mast-mounted hydraulic controls to reduce the number of hoses required.

Designed for operator ease

  • Large deck area for ease of operator movement
  • Large canopy, rated to withstand a vertical load of 100kN, with adjustable height settings
  • Large capacity, on-board materials pod for storage of bolting consumables
  • Excellent visibility and large walkway (for safe access) for tramming and setting up temporary roof supports

Designed for maximum bolting versatility

  • Semi-automatic control system for installing two bolts in a parallel operation, reducing cycle times
  • Operator-controlled platform level adjustments for varying localized seam conditions (up to an additional 600 mm for high-seam operations)
  • Parallel holding boom arrangement for full range ability for mid- and high-seam applications
Number of roof drills Nominally 4
Number of rib drills Roof drills roll over to bolt rib
Machine weight Approx. 29,800 kg, depending on options
Ground pressure 170 kPa
ATRS Three-point advanced temporary roof support (in front of machine)
Machine length 808 mm
Machine width 3,160 mm retracted, 5,680 mm with platforms extended
Operating width Up to 6,000 mm
Operating range 2,400 to 5,000 mm
Minimum tramming height 2,060 mm
Ground clearance 360 mm
Traction speed 0 to 20 m/min hydraulic drive, proportional control
Hydraulic tank 450 liters main tank plus 350 litres in chassis
Motors Hydraulic pump motor 1 x 125kW air-cooled 50 Hz
Pump Fixed-gear pump, four sections, each section 97 litre/min
Voltage 1140V, 1050V, or 950V