Joy Idler Options

  • Designed to suit multi-purpose applications

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Komatsu offers a variety of idler options. State-of-the art-quality control measures including TIR, bearing alignment and tube concentricity all contribute to 100% product inspection. Idler options include the following:

V-return idler

V-return idlers, made up of two rolls, assist with belt training on the return belt and are ideal for long, overland conveyors.

Impact idler

Impact idlers are utilised in the loading area and are designed to absorb shock and help protect your conveyor belt.

Self-aligning idler sets

Fixed wing rollers with central tracking roller designed to aid with tracking of top belt.

Track Master

A return tracking roller made up of a tubular roll mounted on an anti-friction bearing in the centre of the tube.  The roller is pivoted on an inclined, fixes swivel pin.  If the weight of the belt falls more on one side than the other, the heavy side rocks downward and forward, skewing the roller and guiding the belt to its central position.  The Track Master is ideal for belt tracking.

Rubber disc return

Return idlers with circular rubber discs are available to help prevent material build-up on the return side of the belt.

Extended centre roll

Extended centre roll idlers have a longer centre roll and shorter side rolls.  The design allows for maximum product dispersal for inspection or sorting.


Three roll idler set designed to move with variances in load.  Most commonly used in tunnelling applications or small field conveyors.

Vari Trough/Vari Angle

The Joy Vari Trough structure is available with flexible carrying idler sets, whose troughing angle varies in relations to the weight of material on the belt.  Strong, lightweight support stools and stringers are easily assembled and dismantled without spanners.  The design offers good ground clearance below the return belt and good lateral clearance.

Edge guide

Hand grenade style roller used to help track either the top or return belt.

Spiral disc returns

Return idlers with spiral rubber discs are available to help prevent material build-up on the return side of the belt.  The angled discs push any residual materials to the outside of the conveyor for easy maintenance.