We are committed to supporting mining education in multiple ways.


We invest $50,000 each year in scholarships for 10 deserving students in mining engineering programs across the US.  Students receiving year-to-year scholarships are encouraged to intern with us each summer throughout their academic career.

Program directors at key mining schools identify the potential scholarship recipients; please note that we do not accept unsolicited student applications.

Equipment and classes

In the past five years, we have donated 10 mining equipment simulators to various mining engineering programs. Our in-house team of application engineering specialists designed a class on optimizing equipment and mine performance using the simulators, resulting in a practical optimization model that can be used later in real-life mine situations.

In addition, our employees frequently teach as adjunct professors, instructing on a wide variety of mining engineering topics.

SME hospitality event

Each year, at the SME (Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration) Annual Event, we host a hospitality event specifically for mining engineering students and professors. Approximately 500 students and professors from over 20 universities attend, providing an excellent opportunity for students and professors to become better acquainted with our staff.

Advisory councils

We are honoured to be included on the advisory councils for many mining engineering programs. In this role, we work with program management to help shape curriculum that will best prepare students for employment in the mining industry.

Mining university alumni employees

We are pleased to have many illustrious mining university graduates on our team. We are proud and delighted that one of our own - Scott Shields - has won the prestigious American Mining Hall of Fame Medal of Merit Under 40 award.