Consistently produce 1 million tonnes per month

One million tonnes-per-month production is no longer reserved for high-powered shearers in tall seams. Recently, five mines averaged 1.2 million tonnes/month production in two meters using Joy 7LS1D and 7LS2A machines.

Our advanced shearer automation enables unmatched reliability cutting large, 10-million-tonne panels in challenging conditions, while increasing productivity and reliability. Automation is also key to increasing safety by reducing operator exposure to dust and noise.

Joy shearers combine the expertise of a full-system supplier with the flexibility to adapt to mine-specific requirements.

Advanced automation

  • Enable the operator to manage and control the machine from a remote location, resulting in increased productivity and reduced exposure to harm with our latest Faceboss 2.0 Automation platform
  • Improve productivity by staying in seam and increase profitability with our advance shearer automation (ASA) featuring patent pending pitch steering
  • New auto-duck feature to enhance collision avoidance

Contact your local Komatsu Mining representative to learn more about how we can increase your safety and productivity with Joy Shearers.

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