We are committed to the safest possible environmental practices and stewardship, minimizing risk to our employees, our business operations, and the communities surrounding our business operations. What drives our policies is our firm belief that our business operations can be conducted with minimal impact to human health and the environment.

Regulatory compliance

Our company commitment is to achieve continuous compliance with all federal, state, or local environmental regulations governing all of our facilities worldwide. This commitment includes application of stringent company environmental requirements for each facility that often exceed the regulatory requirements. Our environmental compliance strategies allow us to maximize our facility operational flexibility and capitalize on expansion opportunities when our market demand requires it.

Environmental sustainability

As part of our Environmental Sustainability Program, we are continuously reviewing all of our facilities' operations to reduce our global carbon footprint. We are proud to say that 98% of our facilities are currently considered minor emitters of greenhouse gases. In addition to our successes in reducing our global carbon footprint, we are constantly evaluating each facility's operation to reduce our global environmental footprint, including:  

  • Conversion to and utilization of the cleanest fuel sources available reducing our air emissions
  • Installation of low-NOx burners in our heat treat processes  to reduce levels of nitrogen oxides and therefore decreasing the formation of ground level ozone
  • Installation of air pollution control equipment, including activated carbon systems and a regenerative thermal oxidizer, to reduce VOC emissions  in our painting operations by 95-98%,
  • Installation of wastewater recycling and treatment systems designed to significantly reduce contaminants that are discharged
  • Aggressive source reduction and waste minimization programs that reduce the waste that is generated and the amount of waste that cannot be reutilized

We are committed to making our business operations and our equipment best in class using strong environmental principles designed for minimal impact to human health and the environment to the lowest extent practical.  We believe that maintaining high environmental standards is more than simply a good business practice – it is a fundamental responsibility we owe to our employees, our customers, our community, and the environment we all share.