Jose is of Venezuelan nationality and came with his family to settle in Peru. He was delighted with life in Peru, but he and his wife noticed that they had compatriots that were going through difficult times because of the social and political problems in Venezuela. Therefore, he founded the NGO "Venezuelan Union in Peru", dedicated to supporting Venezuelans in Peru with the following issues:

  • Undocumented immigrants; thanks to the efforts of this organization, immigrants have received a Presidential Decree Temporary Permit of Permanence, which allows them to legally work in Peru
  • Separated families; the coordination efforts of the organization have brought families back together
  • White slavery victims; the organization has worked with support institutions, soliciting advice and other help to help these immigrants

Immigrants who received support from the organization have formed a tight-knit group of volunteers that carry out social work in the poorer areas of Lima; for example, they recently brought in food supplies to areas affected by the huaycos. The volunteers feel grateful for the support they received and welcome the opportunity to give back and continue to help the community.