Elmo is employed as a Manager LLP at our Las Bambas, Peru location.

Elmo has always been interested in social issues in his community; over many years, he has worked with local politicians to develop projects in the district where he lives: Ancón (north of the city of Lima).

In 2011, he created PROSED (Health, Education and Sports) to provide sports, cultural and health alternatives in his district. Elmo has also promoted activities aimed at instilling in children and adults the love of sports by developing championships at the district level; in addition, PROSED has offered cultural events and health campaigns.

His eagerness to help his community and his interest in teaching prompted him to develop another project. The Ancón Technological Institute - ITECAN provides education for young people with limited economic resources, allowing them to pursue professional careers. This project is progressing and he hopes that it will be implemented very soon.

Congratulations to Elmo for his excellent community work in Peru!