On November 21st a group of 25 Milwaukee employees, family and friends volunteered their time for an organization called The Gathering. The organization provides ten free meals each week to those who would otherwise go hungry at three locations in the city, 51 weeks a year.

While the first snow of the season tapered off, guests were greeted by hand-drawn placements expressing holiday sentiments. The hot meal featured Thanksgiving favorites like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes and corn. We also donated pumpkin and apple pies to cap off the traditional meal. In total 189 individuals were served in an hour.

Hunger is an issue that impacts the global communities in which we operate. In an effort to contribute to the vitality of our local communities we work with organizations like The Gathering who set out to satisfy basic needs like hunger.

Joy Global, Community Relations, sharing the spirit of Thanksgiving- 1