Milwaukee area employees, family and friends came together to serve the Thanksgiving meal to guests of an organization called The Gathering. The organization serves a community meal to those who are hungry at four locals throughout the city, 51 weeks a year. The meals are cooked fresh on-site by longtime volunteers and then served by volunteers as well.

Guests were treated to a hot meal featuring Thanksgiving favorites like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes and peas. Komatsu also donated pumpkin and apple pies to make the meal complete. Over 200 individuals were served in the span of an hour.

The Gathering is one volunteer activity that always finds employees inviting their family members to join in giving back, particularly children and young adults. For some it has become a family tradition, for others it is hopefully the start of a lifelong practice of helping those in need.

Jason Suzik, Senior Commercial Manager, brought his middle-school age son and his friend. As he reflected back on the day he shared, “It was a good day and I hope the boys really get it that they are blessed with what they have and that they need to look for ways to help others.”

The boys set the tone for every guest who walked through the line as they passed out trays and silverware, greeting each person with a friendly smile.

Komatsu Mining Corp puts a focus on charitable giving and volunteerism that supports Human Services, including hunger, in the communities in which we operate. Komatsu has been supporting The Gathering for nearly 20 years, appreciating the organization’s mission to provide meals to those who would otherwise go hungry or without with respect and dignity for all.

Learn more about The Gathering:

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