Our Longview Operations facility partners with Carter BloodCare on a quarterly basis for on-site blood drives. The first drive of 2017 was held Feb 23. Carter set a goal of 36 units for this drive and thanks to all donors, a total of 40 units was collected potentially saving 120 lives!

Carter BloodCare provides life-saving transfusion resources to more than 200 medical facilities in over 50 counties throughout North, Central, and East Texas. They state “We wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission without the help of people in the community who volunteer their time to host drives and give blood. We appreciate every person in the community who does their part to help us save lives.” 

Local Wellness Champion and Wellness Team member Brenda Hunt, assists in organizing the drives, but says “hands-down the real champions are the donors who make their way to the gym from their work stations to donate. If you’ve been to the Longview Operations, you know how logistically spread out our facility is. Some of our employees walk a good distance in all types of Texas weather in order to donate. 

Don Crawford

Ron Hall, Supervisor of the Paint Shop says he is a regular donor to “help those who need it” and that he’s had relatives that have required blood in the past, so he likes giving back. 

At this drive, we had a special incentive for employees who had not donated in the last 12 months and we had 7 donors in that category, including one who had not given in 6 years!” One of those 7 was CAD Designer, Steve Schluter who said “I have had some friends who have needed blood. Some just a pint, others have needed more. So I decided it was time to start giving again. It really helps our community.” 

Not only do our employees take advantage of donating at our on-site drives, but we have some so dedicated that in between drives, they visit the local Carter blood bank to donate platelets each time they are eligible. One such employee and Wellness Team member is Don Crawford, Facilities Engineer/Tooling & Fixtures. Don is a staunch supporter of our on-site blood drives, as well as donating at the local Carter blood bank when he is eligible. On blood drive day, Don is a familiar face seen walking around the facility holding up his clipboard sign stating “BLOOD DRIVE TODAY” in an effort to rally donors. On Tuesday, February 21, Don was honored at the annual Carter BloodCare Banquet as the top lifetime donor having donated 58 gallons!  

Linda Ayres, HR Generalist advises “I first gave blood in 1981 when my Grandmother needed a blood transfusion. I gave for her and have been giving regularly ever since. There is no supply of blood without blood donors!”

David Suchan commented: "The reason I give blood is very personal. When I was about 10 years old, my Aunt was pregnant. She was almost full term when it was determined that the baby had died.   Labor was induced and unbeknown to the doctors, the placenta had attached itself to the side of the womb. When the still born baby was delivered, the side of the womb was torn away. The doctors lost count of how many pints of blood that they pumped into her. The last number count that they had was 19. All of that blood saved my Aunt's life. So as a very young boy, I decided that if I had the chance to help save someone else’s life by giving blood I would do it."

"I truly believe that it is good for a company to encourage their employees to give blood regularly. It promotes community and the benefits can be unseen for years to come."