For decades, Komatsu Mining Corp has been providing financial and volunteer support to The Gathering, helping the non-profit fulfill its mission to provide meals and associated services to those who would otherwise go hungry.

This February, 25 Komatsu volunteers helped serve a spaghetti meal that was perfect for a chilly day. In the kitchen, a handful of our retirees who still volunteer for The Gathering kept the food hot and moving from the kitchen to the line. On the floor and the serving line you found a mix of long-time employees and their kids including Yolanda Dickey, IT Asset Management Administrator; Yolanda, like many employees, brought her daughter, India, to participate in the experience.

After the event, Yolanda shared with her co-workers a memorable lesson experienced by her daughter that day.

“I just wanted to share with you that my daughter had a very nice encounter on Saturday while volunteering at the Gathering with me. My daughter and two of her friends started a group that we call “Cream City Angels”. I provided goods for a public bake sale and we donated the proceeds from the event. All the money, clothing and toiletries collected by the girls went to a local shelter here in Milwaukee. One of the guests at the Gathering on Saturday recognized my daughter as one of the event organizers and told her how much she was blessed by the donation. Her family received clothing from the event and she stated to my daughter (India) that had it not been for the kindness of the group, her children would not have had clothing to start off the school year. She was very grateful and continued to show India a picture of her children that had on some of the clothes my daughter donated. My daughter (India) was overwhelmed with joy and emotions as this guest continued to thank her.”

Gathering Feb instory

Yolanda went on to share, “the circle of giving is great and I am honored that we were able to participate in the event. My daughter was able to learn a valuable lesson and have a greater appreciation for life. We look forward to helping out again.”

The lesson Yolanda’s daughter learned is an important one, reminding us that small gestures of generosity do make an impact. From clothing for back to school for those who can’t afford something new to a hot meal on a cold day to even a simple smile to a guest who might always receive the cold shoulder living on the street – these all make a difference to someone in need.