Recently, Komatsu Mining employees in Chile went into the nighttime streets of Santiago to deliver coffee, sandwiches and jackets to the city's homeless.

Due to the efforts of the Women in Chile group, headed by Romina Poblete and Jamie Silva, many employees donated new and used jackets. In addition, 14 employees (and their friends and families) made sandwiches and coffee and went out in the evening to deliver the items. For three hours - from 9 p.m. to midnight - the team cruised the downtown area to locate those in need of food and clothing. In many cases, the team spent a considerable amount of time simply talking to the homeless men and women, providing companionship and dignity.

We would like to give special thanks to: Jorge Badilla, Camilo Cepeda, Romina Muñoz, María Gómez, Jorge Hernández, Basthian Garrido, Isadora Fuentes, Rosa Barraza, Deidamia Campos, Cesiah Bendezu, Luis González, and Johanna Olivares Espinoza's mother (Maria Isabel) and her Aunt Maggie. 

Finally, we cannot forget the two girls who had the great idea and led this activity: Romina Poblete and Jamie Silva. 

As Johanna Olivares Espinoza commented, "We left with a bittersweet feeling. It was very sad to see how people live in the streets, but on the other hand, we were so happy to work with people who were so kind and supportive."