This June over 30 employees, family and friends came together to sort food for Hunger Task Force, a free and local food bank serving Milwaukee County. Over 9.4 million pounds of food passes through Hunger Task Force’s doors and is delivered to 50+ participating food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters free of charge. The impact Hunger Task Force makes in addressing food insecurity in the Greater Milwaukee community would not be possible without volunteer support.

We have been supporting Hunger Task Force for many years through corporate donations, employee driven fundraising efforts and volunteer service. Through the food sort employees sorted and packed 20,000 pounds of donated food in less than three hours. Employees sorted and boxed canned vegetables, pasta, rice, canned tuna, peanut butter and a wide variety of other items. “The experience showed me what to donate from now on. People can’t live on Mac n Cheese” commented Aimee Therrian, Human Resources Director. “I was surprised at the mix of food donated. So little of some things like soap and toothpaste but so many cans of green beans” added Kathy Rusch, Senior Applications Manager.  

Working with organizations like Hunger Task Force that address hunger is a priority for Joy Global as it is an issue that impacts the communities in which we operate around the globe.  Kathy Rusch noted, “One of the great things about our company is the ability to travel to our other offices in other countries.  You see how blessed we are in the United States but even here there is hunger. One of the things that amazes me is that there are kids who won’t get any lunch now that its summer and school is out because they can’t afford food at home.”  Reflecting on the experience, Beth Staat, Executive Assistant, said “children and elders are hungry. It’s that simple. With a little time or money from each of us we can provide a solution. It does not take an individual to experience their own empty cupboard to understand the necessity of something as elemental as food”.

The opportunity to help the community, alongside co-workers, is always appreciated amongst employees. “I enjoy volunteering with my co-workers a lot. Some of the regular volunteers are people I only get to see at these events because we do not normally work together. I might not even do this if it was not for doing this through work” shared Jennifer Soborowski, Pricing Manager. Aimee Therrian added, “I enjoyed watching our employees really come together.  As the line got busier people were helping other people find their items, jumped in to pack when needed, or bring over more boxes.  It was great to see everyone smiling and having a good time while working together for a greater good”.

Our employees are dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we operate by participating in a wide variety of volunteer activities throughout the year. The Hunger Task Force Food sort is one of over 40 company-led community volunteer activities that take place in Milwaukee.