Earlier this month employees from our facilities in Pennsylvania felt compelled to rally to help their neighbors to the south when floods devastated nearby communities in West Virginia. Coordinators worked with the Westover Rotary and the Red Cross to identify the items that were of critical need, ultimately collecting seven skids of bottled water, non-perishable food items and cleaning supplies.  The items were transported from each facility in Pennsylvania to help the over 1,200 families in West Virginia who were impacted by the flood.  In addition, employees collected nearly $800 in cash donations, toys and clothing to help the efforts.

Kathie McClinton, Human Resources Administration, shared, “many employees identified with the emotional toll that families were going to have to work through and we have customers based in West Virginia, we were concerned for everyone’s well-being.”  

Employees heard first-hand as to how challenging the floods were and how much those in the region appreciated the help. “Thank you for the supplies. The areas hit are in very bad shape. The people that I work with that live in the area were lucky and their homes were out of the flooding. They lost power and water for several days and still have no phone or cable. Unfortunately many of their neighbors lost vehicles and homes. In some cases they had to just run from their homes as the water came up quickly (often coming down hill due to the rain, not up from the river) and lost everything. Everything will help” relayed the brother of Americas Materials Manager, Rich Reib. 

There is a sense of family and a focus on safety, not only within the workplace , but within the towns and neighborhoods in which we operate. The generous spirit of the employees in Pennsylvania is an example of our commitment to addressing the needs of our greater community.