According to the World Health Organization, there is a growing shortage of safe blood across the globe, yet the need continues to grow. Blood drives help save lives in the local community; blood transfusions are used to treat mothers suffering complications from pregnancy and childbirth, to treat severe childhood anemia, and to provide support during heart surgery, transplant surgery, trauma treatment, and cancer therapy.

Our facilities across the globe are doing their part to save lives in the community by hosting blood drives. Our Duffield, VA location has been hosting blood drives since 2007 and now hosts them on a quarterly basis. Recently, the facility received a third-place award from the Southwest Virginia Marsh Regional Blood Center. 

Two employees, Doug and Jeff, were recognized for their significant contributions to the blood center. Doug began contributing many years ago when the son of a co-worker was severely injured in a motorcycle accident and donors were urgently needed. He continues, over twenty years later, to regularly donate. Doug said, “It’s not for glamour. It's a commitment I made to give as often as I can. There’s always someone in need.”

Jeff began contributing over ten years ago when his wife was diagnosed with cancer.  Like Doug, he continues to donate regularly. Both Doug and John attended the award presentation ceremony held in Bristol, Virginia. Jeff said, “It’s a great opportunity to help people in the community.”

We congratulate and thank the employees at our Duffield facility for their commitment to donating blood to help save lives in their community.