As a company deeply committed to the communities where we work, we are always looking for new ways to support the institutions that make the difference. This is the case of Tierra de Esperanza (Land of Hope), a Chilean nonprofit foundation that takes care of more than 5,000 socially vulnerable children and teenagers through its 90 programs located throughout the country. The foundation works closely with the children, their families and their support networks, in order to enhance their strengths and overcome adverse environments. 

To generate a warmer and welcoming environment for the children at the Calama headquarters, we commissioned visual artist Fernanda Bisbal the development of a special design for some internal walls, which were painted jointly by the artist, company representatives and the children, resulting in a playground full of color. 

Sandra Alfaro, Director of the “PRM Bahía de Esperanza Calama” program, of Tierra de Esperanza, stated that "this initiative allowed us to celebrate Children's Day in a very different way, which had a positive impact on our program and in the children and their families that joined this activity with great enthusiasm and pride in their work.  The children´s participation in this activity allowed them to strengthen their sense of identity and belonging to the Foundation. Today everyone wants to go see the mural, which fills the courtyard of happiness.”

The artist Fernanda Bisbal said that "I loved the experience, the children enjoyed the activity. I believe this initiative allowed them to relax and forget the problems they may be living. Hopefully every time they’ll see the colorful walls will remember how happy and free they felt while painting and this will help them. "

Chile mural 2