The tropical country of Brazil is known worldwide for its natural richness, biodiversity and beautiful beaches. However, the pleasant summer weather is not a constant. The change of the seasons brings severe drought and even flooding during the rainy season.

The winter is no different and the cold primarily affects those most in need – those with fragile housing, or even the lack of it. Making a difference and giving back to the communities where we operate, our volunteers seek to help these communities in every possible given opportunity, putting our values into practice.

This year, our volunteers gathered clothes and 200 blankets that were distributed to two non-governmental and non-profit entities. Cidade Refúgio (“Shelter Center”) gives care for chemical and alcohol dependents, particularly Belo Horizonte’s homeless population and those in the metropolitan area. Additionally, the Casa Grande Coração (“The Great Heart House”) receives and supports school children and provides guidance to families and elderly people during the daytime.

These kinds of donations and support given to those truly in need are just one of the ways that our employees personify the difference-making and community outreach values that we believe in.

The volunteer team agreed that exercising our values and giving back to the community is a privilege. We are proud to extend our sincere congratulations and acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication to community outreach.