This spring several of our locations throughout North America hosted blood drives to benefit local blood banks in the community. The need for blood donors across the world is constant. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “voluntary, unpaid blood donations must be increased rapidly in more than half the world’s countries in order to ensure a reliable supply of safe blood for patients whose lives depend on it.” Recently WHO recognized World Blood Donor Day with the overall theme that “blood connects us all” and that sentiment was shared amongst Joy Global donors across the United States.

In April employees in Longview, Texas held a drive for Carter BloodCare which serves 54 counties in North Central and East Texas. In total 41 employees came out to donate blood. Jamie Hoch, Lead Machinist, shared, “I like to give because if it were my two children that needed the blood, I would want them to have the best chance possible to receive it.”  Julian Urieta, Welder, added, “If we can save a life by donating blood, it is a privilege and honor to do so.”

In May, 20 employees from the Meadowlands, PA participated in a drive to help patients relying on the Central Blood Bank which operates 25 community donor centers and fixed mobile sites in Western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. David Young, Manager-Planning & Provisioning, recognizes how we’re all connected by helping each other, “to me, I relate donating blood to being like a good team member. We should all support each other.  Doing the “Right” thing is always the best way to live my life. That philosophy makes decision making much easier.”

During the week of World Blood Donor Day in June employees at our Milwaukee, WI facility came out to donate to support the BloodCenter of Wisconsin. The goal for the drive was to secure 50 donors and as employees heard how close the drive was to reaching their goal they pulled out all of the stops including recruiting family. Jeff Schmaling, President-Americas North, invited both his wife and his brother to come in and donate making it a real family effort.  Jeff has donated for several years but personal experiences made the effort even more meaningful, "Our family has recently experienced two situations where the availability of blood was critical in the treatment of loved ones after a severe accident. This has heightened our awareness of the vital importance to donate whenever we can and having Blood Center come to our National Avenue facility makes it so simple to make it a family affair."

Families helping families, recognizing that blood connects us all.  In total, through the three drives held this spring, ouremployees were able to help save the lives of over 300 people.  While employees will likely never meet or know the people who benefitted from their generosity it is clear, they gave because it was a way to help others in need and that’s what you do when you’re part of a community.