Employees in Milwaukee have long been dedicated to serving those in need and that tradition continued this February while helping an organization called The Gathering. An energetic group of 20 employees, retirees, family and friends volunteered their time to serve up a smile and a hot meal to the city’s hungry. The meal included Italian sausage, noodles, spinach, pears, dessert and milk and coffee. Over 200 individuals were served.

Last year, The Gathering served over 85,000 meals at three meal sites throughout the city of Milwaukee. Guests vary at each location: some are homeless while others are families and elderly in need of extra support to get them by each month. The “Map the Meal Gap” study in 2015 study found that 17.4% of the residents in Milwaukee County are considered food insecure; this means an individual is not able to provide enough food for a healthy lifestyle.

Hunger is an issue that impacts the global communities in which we operate. In an effort to contribute to the vitality of our local communities, we work with organizations like The Gathering who work to satisfy basic needs like hunger.