As part of our commitment to the local communities in which we operate, we support organizations and programs that foster enthusiasm and success through education. We recognize that children cannot succeed in school if they don’t start with the right tools in hand, which is why we are proud to support school supply initiatives.

Children in Peru begin their school year in March and recently employees from our Lima offices contributed to the United Way Peru’s annual school supply drive. The goal of the drive was to distribute 2000 kits to first and second graders in Villa El Salvador, Villa Maria del Truinfo and Lurin.

Thirty-six employees each donated US$ 6.00 to fund the distribution of 60 school supply packs, each containing folders, colored pencils, a ruler, pencils, scissors, an eraser and a pencil sharpener. In total, the campaign successfully reached its goal, distributing over 2,214 kits and helping nearly 20 schools in the community. In addition, we sent nine volunteer employees to help distribute the supplies to children at the local schools.

Joy Global, Community relations, Lima school supply drive 2

Participating employees shared their thoughts:

Children in these places of Lima are very poor. Supporting them with their education tools will allow them to be well prepared and help to develop their skills – Rita Teruya, International Trade Head

Their faces of happiness are the most valuable sensation when we distributed the supplies. We were touched – Catherine Mesia, Product Support Service Engineer

We are a profitable company but not everything is about earning or making money. One way to be proud of our company is helping and facilitating children to study – Nils Flores, HR Analyst