We have been supporting Longview World of Wonders (WOW) with monetary donations for several years. WOW inspires a life-long love of learning by giving children the opportunity to imagine, create and explore in a hands-on educational environment; the organization serves over 32,000 children under the age of 18 in Gregg County. 

We were asked to participate in the Energy City exhibit. This exhibit highlights energy as a power source through mining, oil and gas exploration and processing and how those processes translate to the power our city, businesses, and homes enjoy every day. Our company’s expertise in mining equipment and services make us a great partner in helping WOW educate our youth on the positive impact of mining to everyday life.  

For this exhibit, we donated a custom Loader Cab Simulator constructed by Factory Service Representative Jake Norris and Sr. Software Designer Nelson Stoldt under the direction of Sean Hopkins, Manager, Product Training & Tech. Development. Michael Fleet, Product Manager, Wheel Loaders served on the design team with other major employers in the area to ensure the coal portion design of the exhibit is “cutting edge”. 

The simulator was delivered and set-up August 3, just in time for the August 4 Open House.  The WOW Board of Directors and staff members are thrilled with the donation and we are proud to make this donation happen.