Recently, our facility in Longview, Texas, U.S.A, welcomed a group of students from Pine Tree High School who will be pursuing a career in engineering. The event featured a tour of the plant, presentations and a chance to connect with professionals in the mining industry.

The students began their day by listening to a safety orientation and receiving the new 2018 Komatsu safety coin. After that, they participated in a tour showing the different types of global products engineered and manufactured in Longview, highlighting our exciting new technology and innovations.  

The students finished their visit by touring the main plant. They saw the manufacturing process firsthand and witnessed the product going through the production and assembly processes.   

“This was a fantastic experience,” said Elizabeth White, Teacher, Pine Tree High School. “Many of our students were captivated by the way Komatsu is using electric and autonomous designs and technologies. In our robotics class, students often create robots with shovels/claws that need to pick up and move objects. This experience gave them to opportunity to see the immediate, real-world applications of what they work on in class.”