This fall employees at the National Avenue facility in Milwaukee wrapped up a season of environmental stewardship along the Hank Aaron State Trail and throughout the neighborhood.

Our “Stew Crew” is one of 13 crews that are made up of volunteers from businesses, neighborhoods, and schools in and around the Menomonee Valley. Crews volunteer from May through October to clean up litter and maintain native vegetation along the Hank Aaron State Trail and throughout the Valley. The company Stew Crew attracted 20 volunteers and they maintained a connector to the trail along with land that surrounds the National Avenue facility. In total the group volunteered 55 hours over 10 outings. Ray Pan, Manager of Customer Facing Technology, serves as the Stew Crew Captain and uses the trail in his free time. Pan shared that “the Stew Crew is friendly and gives me some exercise during the day while being good for the environment, I feel better about my contribution to our city.”

Supporting the Hank Aaron State Trail through participation in the Stew Crew is part of our commitment to community development. The trail is a vital asset to the neighborhood, attracting thousands of bicyclists, runners and walkers. It provides residents with a safe and attractive option in which to travel throughout the city and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

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