This July, employees from several different departments worked alongside board members of the Workers Union and participated in housing construction in Yerba Buena, Chile.

Over the 8th and 9th of July, our team of volunteers partnered with “La Obra Foundation”, owned by the Catholic University of Chile (PUC). The main task of those two days was to build the foundations of four homes for families in need.

Additionally, our employees participated in several activities organized by the foundation, such as seminars and cooking classes. “Experiences like this are the ones that we are looking to offer to our employees—to make a contribution to the community but also to create a bond between our teams and to the company values,” said Valeria Casarino, HR Manager.

This activity demonstrates our employees’ commitment to the three pillars within our community relations charter: education, human services and in this case, community development. We thank all who participated in working to build and enrich the neighborhoods and communities surrounding the areas where we operate.