This spring, a group of employees from our Longview, Texas facility did their part to keep their community beautiful by participating in the Longview Green & Clean event, held in partnership between the City of Longview and Keep Longview Beautiful. The Green & Clean event is a community-wide effort, uniting over 1,000 volunteers who work twice a year to pick up litter and beautify the areas where they live and work.

This marked the second time Longview employees participated in this event and they were indeed dedicated to making a difference. "Three of the volunteers had just finished participating in a company 5K fun run. They didn't have time to sit down before we put them to work picking up trash", said Brenda.

Employees volunteered for two hours and picked up trash along both sides of a one-mile stretch of road that is front of and in close proximity to the Longview facility. Employees feel that company-led experiences such as this help bring together employees and the community to focus on making a positive impact. Kraig said, "I enjoy giving back to the local community and representing our support of initiatives that benefit the environment. The camaraderie with the other volunteers was fun as we joked about what we were finding and who had to grab what. I found an unopened pack of floppy disks...let me know if anyone still needs them!"

Supporting organizations that work to restore, conserve, and beautify the environment in the communities in which we live and work is part of our continuing focus on community development.